Party Snaps

Party Snaps – Bring Some Noise and Excitement to Your Party

Throwing a party can be very difficult and costly too. That’s why it is a good idea to take a close look at all the things you need before throwing a party. Obviously, you will need party decorations and supplies to make a great atmosphere and make people remember this event, but this doesn’t mean that you should break the bank. One way to achieve this goal and save money is to use party snaps for your next party, be it a birthday, graduation, wedding or any other kind of party.

Party snaps – a basic guide

When people are choosing party supplies and decorations they are usually focused on two things visual appearance and possible audio effects. However, there are items that can deliver these two things at once and leave a great impression to the guests. One of these things is the party snap.

It is good to point out that party snaps are known under many other names including bang snaps, fun snaps, whipper snappers and snap’n pops. In any case, they represent small novelty fireworks that produce interesting noise.

Typically, party snaps come with a small amount of sand or gravel placed in about 0.0.8 mg of silver fulminate high explosive and twisted in ordinary cig paper. The final result is a small device that looks like a teardrop with a long tail. When people ignite it, step on it or throw it from above on a solid surface, the substances react and lead to detonation. In the end, you can see an interesting, short display and hear a loud bang.

Even though they use explosives, they are completely safe and this is especially true for party snaps produced by reputable manufacturers. Of course, they use the right amount of ingredients, adequate paper, and other things to guarantee safety. This means that even kids can use them, of course, under adult supervision.

Party snaps are used on different occasions – birthday, wedding, graduation parties, anniversaries etc. But, what is even more interesting is that these exceptional party supplies are usually used on the event with big attendance like festivals or celebrations including Chinese New Year.

The use of party snaps is completely legal in the UK and in almost every country in the world. Since they are small and relatively invisible, they are often used for pulling pranks during April fool’s day.

Party snaps create interesting cracking sound that can lift the atmosphere up and make people excited. They come with sounds with different intensity, so choose the one that suits your event the best.

Where to find good party snaps?

Many small toy stores and stores focused on magic tricks, novelties and jokes offer interesting party snaps. But, if you want to save time and money, you should use the Internet to order party snaps for your party. Of course, we will suggest using our website, because we have an extended selection of the best party snaps found in the market today. 

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